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Mailing Address

Isule Church of Christ

P.O. Box 305

Kasese, UG, East Africa

Telephone Numbers

+256 706107464

+256 774885905

Isule church of Christ began in 2004. It was begun by members from the neighboring congregations of Buhunga, Kyabikuha, and Kitooko. These members saw it prudent to start  ISULE Church of Christ since no church of Christ was in that place. 

We have hope to convert more before the close of 2019. We have grown from 110 in 2015 up to near 330 at end-of-year, 2018.

It has a membership of over 330 including children. It has grown numerically and spiritually. The start of the radio program by this congregation has been a blessing to all congregations in the region since it has been the first ever since the Church of Christ began in the western region of Uganda.

We pray that God would hear our request and see our action in increasing our membership. We plan to cover all the districts of western Uganda with the truth if we get ability and sponsorship to preach on six prominent radio stations. Some of these have their coverage in midwestern and south western Uganda where the church of Christ has never been heard.

Pictures from Isule Church of Christ

During the Month of July, 2018

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