Minister Ezekiel

Preaching is a noble duty.

Secular education work is good as well. I have tasted both and found them enjoyable. The former helps you in doing the latter. I find pleasure in leading my school students in getting knowledge coupled with the wisdom of God.

The church of Christ in Uganda is another institution for which I dont spend a day without thinking about her growth. Rapid growth of the church here, can be fully achieved if the church modified her evangelistic activities.

Thus switching on to Radio and TV evangelism which many churches employ for their rapid growth. Unfortunately, congregations all over the country lack this ministry.

My desire is to reach out to people with the saving gospel of Christ. I am convinced that if you teach the lost in love, they are always convicted and thus their conversion to Christ is quick.

I have worked for the church in both youth and evangelism ministries. These are foundations of a growing church.

My childhood activities I spent in the Sunday children Bible class motivated me to love the church.