New Churches

Outreach to new communities is a strong priority for the RADIO MINISTRY. The RADIO MINISTRY has been very successful so far in bringing whole churches under the banner of the Churches of Christ.

This section is a running dialogue of the churches that have been converted to the Church of Christ and are associated with the ISULE Leadership Network!!!

The ISULE Leadership Network is an organization of churches of Christ that have converted or been planted as a result of an evangelistic event from the ISULE church. They work together to spread the GOOD NEWS about Jesus and Our Heavenly Father.

ISULE Church of Christ members.

Kirongo Church of Christ members.

Church of Christ members

The Kijura Church of Christ members.

Additional churches that have been planted, as a result of the evangelical outreach and RADIO MINISTRY include:

  • Bunoga Church of Christ.

     * The Kibuye Church of Christ

     * Kabagara Church of Christ

     * Kabarole Church of Christ

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