Baptisms are a result of many activities by the ISULE church of Christ. They come as a result of church meetings each week, as well as the Radio Ministry, plus the Evangelism efforts of the Isule Leadership Network. Here are a few of the most recent baptisms, 

Baptisms 1 from July 2018

From July 2018

brother  Kisande From July 2018

  • Kabugho Felesi  25 years old. She was converted from the Anglican Church. She has been listening to UBC Radio broadcasts of our ministry.
  • Karungi David  39 years old. Is a female preacher in the pentacostal church. She was also a RADIO MINISTRY conversion.

brother Arther from June 2018

Esther’s Baptism, also from June

Other baptisms in 2018

The Kimbuye 8 – All baptized on the same day

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